Thursday, December 15, 2016

Good Body Products Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season! 
We’re thrilled to share a few bits of exciting NEWS!
1)Our CBD products are now available and getting great reviews!

2) Best Product of 2016/17 Awarded to our Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve for the best hand salve of 2016/17 by Natural Solutions Magazine’s Beauty with a Conscience Awards. (Print editions on stands soon)
Meet our new CBD-based products: Grown locally here in Southern VT • 100% Organic • Therapeutic 
We process our locally grown Finola plants from harvest- drying, separating, and finally infusing the prime plant materials directly into certified organic extra virgin olive oil and then make product. 
Truly a "greatest hits" salve, our Green Power Salve combines the forces of our Arnica-, Comfrey-, and Calendula-infused olive oils, with an additional infusion of Finola hemp providing a nearly 4% cannabidiol (CBD) content. This salve does not produce any psychoactive effects as it does not contain THC. A POWER salve, this product addresses a wide variety of issues. With the inclusion of CBD, communications between the skin and the rest of the body are improved and clarified.  We are proud to offer this next step in topical solutions for the skin and body: The all-purpose, all-mighty Green Power Salve. Testify.

Our Whipped Wonder Butter is a CBD-infused luxury for the skin and body. This butter promotes calming and relaxation in the skin, muscles, and body at large. We infuse organically grown Finola hemp leaves and flowers  into olive oil to gleen the exceptional medicinal qualities of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. This product contains nearly double the CBD content of our Green Power Salve—it feels wonderful and it does wonderful things.

Awarded Best Product of 2016/2017 
Natural Solutions Magazine’s Beauty with a Conscience Awards declares Good Body Products' Calendula & Lemon Balm Soothing Salve the Best Hand Salve of 2016/17! 
We hope you have a wonderful holiday season - best wishes to all! 
The Good Body Products Team