Friday, June 20, 2014

Good Body Products Reviewed by La La Scoop Magazine & Blog

By Rochelle Robinson
While opening up my gift bag filled with Good Body Products sent from co-founder and Santa Monica native Trish Thomas I got so excited after the first few sprays of her Jasmine and Tangerine Aromatic Mist that I couldn't help but proceed to lather on all of the Body Butters, Salves and even the Solid Scents one after the other right out of the bag. Needless to say, it was a pretty gluttonous moment that actually left me a bit buzzed with the cacophony of loveliness penetrating deep into and past the layers of my epidermis.

Sensational line of Good Body Products (photo credit: Good Body Products)

Each Good Body product is made by hand in small batches in Vermont, where the Thomas family owners now reside. And from peppermint to Shea butter to comfrey, each and every nourishing, invigorating ingredient in their sensational line is 100% organic. The scents are pure and subtle, the textures - oh so luxurious. Every bottle beholds a spa experience for your senses, skin and even muscles and joints. After two days of using each of the various products religiously - morning, noon and night, my skin is softer, smoother and more hydrated than it has been in a long, long time.

GoodBody Products new Comfrey, Tea Tree, and Rosemary Whipped Body Butter
featured in Massage Magazine (photo: courtesy of GoodBody Products)
Both the Arnica and St. John's Wort Muscle and Joint Relief Sugar Scrub and the Calendula and Jasmine Face and Body Salt Scrub are light to the touch, almost dry as you dip your hand into the bottle. But, the oil infused grains of salt and sugar exfoliate and penetrate into the skin deeply, making it smooth, soft and hydrated. The Whipped Body Butters are just that, whipped and luscious. They extend beautifully, making them perfect for massage. In fact, their new Comfrey, Tea Tree and Rosemary Whipped Body Butter has recently been featured in Massage Magazine's New Product section. I'm personally partial to the Calendula, Lemon Balm, and Jasmine Whipped Body Butter. Made of calendula- and lemon balm-infused olive oils, Shea butter, cocoa butter and jasmine and tangerine essential oils, it's everything I can do not to eat it. It's super yummy! GoodBody healing salves are wonderfully soothing. The Arnica and Comfrey Salve works to ease joint, ligament, muscle, bruising pains, perfect as well for a massage to ease a body from accruing tensions from working out. The Wild Yam Root and Geranium Salve gives a warming relief to menstrual pains.

The adorable Thomas family harvesting fresh comfrey for their incredible
 line of GoodBody Products (photo: courtesy of GoodBody Products)
I love, love, love their Aromatic Mists. All three are refreshing and effective. Suffering from a head-ache the other night I decided to give the Rosemary and Lavender Aromatic Mist a shot because it's meant to help relieve headaches and restore calm to the body. I sprayed it all around myself with special attention to my throbbing forehead. And, the tension began to subside. I'd take an aromatic spray over a stomach-paining pill any day! Wouldn't you?

My absolute favorite Good Body Products (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson) 
I'm totally head over heals in love with Good Body Products. You can have a package of sensational loveliness sent to you too, so you can begin to experience the nourishing, healing and invigorating effects of their pure good, good, goodness.


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